Master Pain

from by eluhvated

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“ok, they keep telling me eluh go hard!”
Verse 1:
Haha, if pain is the game
I done mastered it, like shaolin wu tang
had my heart broken twice, still that feel that pain
I don't feel no rain though, cus things done changed

I went from the hustling and slang of purple haze
that only put me on the streets, training day
got back to a center place, running at a pleasant pace
coulda had a better face, on the cards I held but hey it's ok

cus now I'm living down the block
from West Bel Air gates, where you don't need a glock
still LA tho, so your always on the watch
cus you heard about them fools that rushed up 2pac

and I gotta say rest in peace, BIG and nate dogg
still feel that old school funky vibe you left off
why every blunt I smoke, I'm toasting to you gods
you got me through the pain when I almost blew my fuckin brain

[Quote Chorus]

Verse 2:
Damn, getting that feeling looking back
thinking “is karma ever gonna catch for me that?”
hope I don't get jammed in a wrap
why I'm staying clean as I can, besides taking some dabs

yeah, you could say I've learned as a man
that some fights are served better off without hands
but still I gotta stand up, to the devil on the daily
always tryna drown my creating, with a bottle of bailies

or throwing me some ladies,
thinking I'm dumb enough, to not pack my own protection, are you crazy?
I was prep'in for this war, way before my present life
knowing closer to the light I'd get the harder dark would try

now I'm thinking bout them tribes overseas who are dieing
or the kids in China working hourly for a dime
I realize my place in time is getting hype from rhymes
and after that it's on bitch, Imma start saving some lives


from The Old Soul EP, released September 10, 2015



all rights reserved


eluhvated Los Angeles, California

eluhvated. Spend two seconds with the “old soul” and you get one thing, real and true passion for life. One who isn't afraid to tell you what he thinks, his reflection truly shines over soulful instrumentals. Life takes us all on unexpected twists and turns but his whole life is a roller coaster; one he seems more than content being on as he eluhvates the world with his "ashy to classy" story. ... more

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