The Cheat the System EP

by eluhvated

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released August 31, 2014



all rights reserved


eluhvated Los Angeles, California

eluhvated. Spend two seconds with the “old soul” and you get one thing, real and true passion for life. One who isn't afraid to tell you what he thinks, his reflection truly shines over soulful instrumentals. Life takes us all on unexpected twists and turns but his whole life is a roller coaster; one he seems more than content being on as he eluhvates the world with his "ashy to classy" story. ... more

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Track Name: Will Rap For FOOD
Ah yeah I got's to go for mine
This my time to finally touch the sky
Thank the lord most my family still alive
cus I want em to me see me shine when I'm in my prime
I know they've already seen the dark
sides of my path but it fueled my art
I make my past a part of my heart
Always felt rock bottom was a good place to start
even though life's hard when you got an ebt card
been through struggles, still see some scars
fuck it I got bars I'm ready to see the stars
still hit up venice boulevard but actually have a car
dreams, I know you got some too
2pac's what probably got me through
and all the revolutionaries this for you
I owe you all cus your words got me in the booth
that's the truth, more pure than 200 proof
a million times realer than what you hearin on the news
wooh, life's a cartoon
Honestly thought I could just marry Erykah Badu
but right now I'm here rapping for food
tryna get me a doob cus weed gets me through
I always viewed the smoke as negative spilling outta me
so I hope you don't take my right of choice as acting cowardly

Verse 2:
Ah yeah I can see the dream
leave a legacy like B.I.G.
bout to make it for the all them OG's
worn down missing teeth too much time in these streets
go walk a venice mile just to see my lifestyle
I'm [one crazy soul] still rocking a big smile [ a crazy mother fucker]
heart of a champion with a face of a child
bout to make this whole world go wild
But right now, you steadily see my grinding
paid off the dues just wondering when my time is
to shine kid, brighter than guidance or any diamonds
I'm rhyming til I make it or at least get off the pavement
in the sun baking just hoping your relating
to the message cus these pictures are my paintings
prayers to make a Mona Lisa so that I'm the greatest
while tryna teach you lessons so you stay eluhvated
Past the point of patience so I feel I gotta slay it
line these rappers up... I'll show you they got that fake shit
I ain't gone shape shift, Imma just take this
rapping round the globe so everybody can play it
but I'll never forget the days that I spent in
the ghetto by the sea, under palm trees
rapping with a cardboard sign not hungry to eat
just munchies for success getting out of the streets, that's the dream
Track Name: Sugar Momma's
Waking up 11am, out of my coma
already see the text from lil mama to come over
I hit the doja she don't wanna see me sober
I ain't the nicest guy when I'm coming off of a hangover
eyes blood shot, some green tea'll get me going
do a swan dive in the pool cus it reminds me of the ocean
then hit up shorty yo I need to get some omelletes
she swipes me through De Neve a big benefit in college
I coulda been a scholar but rather fuck the scholars
Make a dollar in the moment so no debt is what I'm holding
my lady still rolls potent that's why she stay in Saxon
I love looking at the trees once I get my satisfaction
cus we did it on the mattress, futon, then the cabinets
a by-product we have of the magic that's everlasting “damn”
I gotta say laughing I sure love the perks
anytime my stomache hurts she's the one I hit up first... “werd...”

Of all the girls in my life nothing like sugar mommas
enjoy hooking me up take it down to the bahamas
drinking gin a tonics then giving it up to poppa
eating lobsta by the sea(for me its always free/don't bring that check to me/they won't take my ebt) [exchange them]
[4 bar break]
and I ain't never played nobody... but I ain't let nobody ever play me [my voice/then womans/then both]

Now this chicken, most fools would stick there dick in
less than 4 seconds if they had the chance to dig in
bad bitches, don't ever make it on their hit list
if you hit it be prepared for all their funky business
Still sushi on the weekends is the type of life to live in
so I dabble in it but never get caught like Mr. Simpson
most secrets stay hidden fuck it I need a witness
did she really just enlist in the twist of one of her victims
thank god it ain't my heart, see I knew she was stripping
Frankly ain't give a fuck cus I loved all the attention
Need to mention all the food I cooked... up in her kitchen
never did the dishes naw just rolled up swishers
we loved drinking liquor good views and margaritas
still admit I turned off my head was thinking with my penis
thankfully he's a genius so I guess I'll just leave this
as a lesson don't ever take the offensive without defense

Now this women, I don't even wanna mention
strictly cus of the point of where we left it
you asked the question... wasn't ready for the answer
couldn't take the fact I was a multiple romancer
heart broke before so I'll take exotic dancers
true love will kill you slow that's why I think it causes cancer
and gets me plastered, never grabbed a bottle faster
relapsing back to trashing shoulda listened to the pastor
still I'm moving past that I ain't looking back at
the past, way more focused on a new rap
still sad I'd rather chill with kat stacks an that fake ass
than someone I'd invest in without some chest protection
this rap game's a death wish something most can't mess with
if you tryna find love I'd pick a different profession
cus your only breaking hearts with a vengeance ya I said it
but this is life it matters what you do with your lemons not how you spend em

[Switch chorus and hook, hook first[me and woman's voices], then chorus, then super outro]

(1 bar break)

[Was I playing with your heart
like throwing a dart in the dark
betting all on a bullseye to never break us apart
Did my art make or break us when times got hard
and will you be here forever or just when I'm a star....or just when I'm a star....just when I'm a star]
Track Name: Stay Inn Skool
Remember back in the days when MTV wasn't lame
Cats still rocked walkman's bumping doctor dre
My middle school age never had good grades
Still had enough game to go get me laid
High school was lame even tho I was hazed for daze
Always wrote rhymes in class never learned a thang
Still pushed through cus Mom told me too
Thats why you've got my diploma it was really for you
Had to find a job when the call came through
Packed my bags for Tahoe and all was cool
Eventually stepped in school, wouldn't you know
Pell grants paying back for the struggle befo'
And when the water cut off cus we couldn't afford
I took showers in the locker room, thank you school board
Gotsta say man life ain't that bad
When you getta spit raps thanks to Uncle Sam

Why the smile on my face didn't come from a laugh
It's cus uncle sam's paying my ass to get some ass
Ahhh yeah let me take that back
My main man Sam's paying for this next dance

Chicken heads clucking when the J-birds coming
U.C.L.A. legend and I'm here to start something
Hit the turf on homecoming have a bottle with my funyuns
Yeah you heard I rap for food well baby let me get that muffin
“Ooh your so disgusting” well why ain't you running
“I heard its kinda good like the blunt that your puffing”
Damn right its that good you probly heard it from your mother
Right after I stuffed her just so I could get your number
I do not stutter, now tell me this lover
You gonna step up to the plate cus I'm tryna the cure the hunger
They taught me this in school yes always wear a rubber
But I wanna feel you raw so lets a get a little drunker
Yet we still in class, ain't even in my covers
An you already out your skirt, are you beserk?
I guess this works.. we in the last row any way
And the only math I care to learn: whats my financial aid?

Why the smile on my face didn't come from a laugh
It's cus uncle sam's paying my ass to get some ass
Ahhh yeah let me take that back
My main man Sam's paying for this next dance

“ey yo unc, get a hundred more ones, I ain't trying to leave yet.”

Now I've done 5 years of school ain't got no degree
But I got 5 years of memories all for free
See rapping's my thing and class ain't for me
Still I owe how I think to what professors teach
So I might give a toast even poor out a drink
Life's GTA but college taught me how to cheat
Now I can talk for weeks about political beliefs
Mass communication that the media repeats
I ain't hear to preach though still people need to see
We're all the same energy just tryna breathe (sample dilated)
Why I would stay in school for as long as can be
Long as your soul needs what my grandpa taught me
Get the whole package not just classes but the actions
Protest against the war then have sexual interactions
Be careful don't be captured or even easier plastered
I can say I got my Masters cus I found life's answers
Track Name: How To Cheat
“Even when you're caught, your never caught...listen up”
Ok.....Out the back door not really tripping
sorta dipping but sorta slipping cus I been sipping
police blocked me off now they writing a ticket
all cus that can of beer that I was gripping
this is a business they tricking us to get riches
want you to fuck up so they make money in prison
I want you to listen tho cus me I cheat the system
First thing you gotta do ask them for an extension
That's 2 months more for you to just be chillin
Who knows by then you could be swimming in millions
But if your not use that second step
trial by court beat em in there own nest
ah yes, don't stress just a waste of breath
your first appearance you'll stand up for a sec
say honor I must confess I'm not guilty but you got nice breasts... let me work off that debt
Kidding bout the boobs still now they gotta set bail
this is where things start to weigh on a scale
If you've ever missed court or got caught for a sale
Better get that credit card cus they're swiping it for real
But if your clean say you ain't got the money
just promise to appear in a court don't miss it like a dummy
get a couple months more before the next round sonny
I'd keep hustling like crazy especially if you struggling
Time check, 6 months since the ticket
get there on time, dress nice, time to listen
Now odds are in your favor to walk away clean
cus them sending a pig to court for 1 ticket's sorta obscene
at least if you asking me....
your supposed to fight crime not a hippy passing peace
True lion up in these streets it gets crazy when I leave
like someone let out the dogs who been tied up on that leash
Imma pheine turned to a priest, an alien it'd seem
the product of a wet dream from Notorious B.I.G.
And I'll say I was sent from God, like J.C.
With visions to be a legend like Jimi before I leave
Still ain't drinking every night before I sleep
cus I've already seen the disaster that it brings
so I make sure my face don't end up in a sink
spewing out what's consumed faster than my mind thinks
cus everybody's slips kid no perfect alcoholic
99% have problems but they acting like they prophets
they don't ever profit body's probly exhausted
kicking poison out all day until they all see a coffin
Why binge drinking I had to stop it....
Still gettin turnt up but ain't falling down when I'm walking
Had to choose some different options like adjusting wax from chronic
Getting eluhfuckingvated off the holy ghost and tonic

[4 bar break] “Haha it ain't over..... just had to let you grasp some of that real quick. Lessons”

Check it I wouldn't say I'm lucky just that I'm blessed
so much faith in God I think it's stupid to stress
the best outcome is what I always expect
but don't trip knowing it's fate when he gives me less
Still when we're talking court, I gotta confess
My records looking cleaner than a white corvette
Though it really shouldn't be for all the things I've said
Guess this dirty birdy ain't meant for a federal pen
even on my gutter tip police want my benjamin's
for sipping out a red cup filled with toxic medicine
you are no gentleman,
your wife must have gone lesbian or maybe then again
she dumped your ass because you feminine
now that I struck blood here lets add some lemon in
Ah fuck hold up.. I'm starting to go eminem
Looking at myself like eluh's who's in your skeleton
Just the holy ghost showing hell, heaven'll always win