The Ambidextrous EP

by eluhvated

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released August 4, 2013



all rights reserved


eluhvated Los Angeles, California

eluhvated. Spend two seconds with the “old soul” and you get one thing, real and true passion for life. One who isn't afraid to tell you what he thinks, his reflection truly shines over soulful instrumentals. Life takes us all on unexpected twists and turns but his whole life is a roller coaster; one he seems more than content being on as he eluhvates the world with his "ashy to classy" story. ... more

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Track Name: Traffic Jam
Good afternoon everybody, I hope your all enjoying this fine day stuck in your automobiles.
This right here is what we call a traffic jam... get it, a traffic --- jam
It's a jam that you play in the traffic while your getting jammed baby
woah now.... this is starting to sound like some other type of record

Man... I'm on the 405
doing a damn 5 in the 65
and I ain't even got nothing to get me high
vape pen ran out around mulholland drive
so all I'm tryna see is that big green sign
that says the 10 west next exit right
but I'm dead stopped moving slower than some ants
love this city fuck these traffic jams
if I was on the ninja I'd be swerving getting fast
but won't ride on the highway cus you drivers are bad
why I'm kinda mad to you that'd feel relaxed
cus when I'm relaxed its like I took a hundred dabs
haha, this right here sadly not that situation
even though dude in the car next to me's blazin
Wouldn't mind some sharing really can't blame him
we're all stuck in a parking lot with no valet'ing
heads going crazy but I'm keeping my cool
doing exactly as eluh would do
take a deep breathe, start making some moves
might make a song or 2 by the time I'm out this zoo
kinda funny cus you probly always lose it dude
slammin on that steering wheel no energy to --- the boo
wooh my girl will never say that was true
not for me I bang it up like a tambourine
Track Name: Never Seen
You ready?...

Never seen nobody hold a mic like this
never seen no woman try to fight with fists
never seen no pheine ever kick his hits
fuck that shit let me get a rip
so stuck-caught in this abusive fix
Don't see no fix to the life we live
Just soon as it's X'd off the list
in comes the chemist wit a different mix

This system can suck my dick
don't want my kids put in this abyss
like where I spit survival of the fit
see in my eyes I'd kill for this shit
ain't no fairy tale it's a lion's den
you tryna play huh? I'd think again
less you got the heart of a thousand men
cus I'll lead a million by my end
This revolution bout to start a trend
Getting pissed, yes flipping up my desk
tryna make this pen into a stack a ben's
so we all stay fed not to buy no benz
and when I say we I mean us
yeah look to your left and right bruh
All the white, black, and brown ones
plus any other color you can think of
like a rainbow in frisco
ain't excluding naw we including
anybody who's tryna make music
don't matter to me who the fuck you're doing
it's a new age, being raised a hippy
tryna pass the peace to all that's living
I'm a giving man with a written plan
to fit this whole damn world up inside my hands

Never seen nobody hold a mic like this
never seen no woman try to fight with fists
never seen no pheine ever kick his hits
fuck that shit, let me get a rip
so stuck-caught in this abusive fix
Don't see no fix to the life we live
Just soon as it's X'd off the list
in comes the chemist with a different mix

This that new ish oh that cool shit
that gangsta gangsta act a fool bish
make you wanna toast go take a sip
or roll it up, put it on your lips
I'm high as a midget on a rocket ship
2pacolypse there's no stopping this
high dosages of hip-hoptomus
bout to run the world like I'm optimus
Prime when I rhyme did you catch that line
couple drops on the spine then I free'd my mind
now I find we all hold the light inside
found the key opened mine to my surprise
I can rip the mic like Barry White
never thought I was white til you saw me live
like oh my god is he that guy?
No fucking way I don't think that I've
ever seen nobody hold a mic like this
ever seen no person with a heart like his
like a martyr of death bout to meet the end
I ain't giving in on this gift I'mma take this hit
keeping making hits til they let me in
like ring ding dong better tell your friends
that eluhvated, when it hits your head
leave you more lifted than you've ever been
Track Name: Picture This
See picture this...
I always loved the crispness
of music taking it in like an addiction
making me smile, like a kid on christmas
drive my mom wild sub shaking the kitchen
me flowing with a rhythm needed some fixin
put years in this shit now I'm kinda the shiznit
wanna say I'm rich bitch but more interested
in helping out kids cus my spirits get lifted
with lessons from the best so success is a given
I run shop like a mom pop business
revolving every sentence to a rhyme scheme
I ain't have to learn that tho it came as a blessing
from the light above you don't know what that means?
you ain't dug enough dirt no your shirts too clean
I was in the mud pits when my soul let free
since then I've beaming as bright as can be, ya that's me

And I'm toasting to the sky cus I'm alive
living right from the second I open my eyes
Rise high as a kite cus I stay in flight
first class til we die and there ain't no price
YEAH I'm toasting to the sky cus I'm alive
living right from the second I open my eyes
Rise high as a kite cus I stay in flight
first class til we die....

Got me thinking bout Jay before he made the pay
or flava flav before clock chains an fine babes
tv shows, ladies screaming your name
me I'm still chillin wit my homies getting blazed
ain't just talking dreams tho no we make plays
on my peyton manning game til they lock me away
sounding like OJ someone bring the champagne
plus a pound of snoop dogg its time to celebrate
the pure fact we all woke up today
most people don't show praise still ask why I pray
I'm amazed god took me out pain
replaced a deep dark space with a smile to make change
left a chick named mary jane I'll never toss away
just keep hitting that sweet stuff all day
never take a name in vein and I never spread hate
you could say I feel blessed to say that with a straight face

And I'm toasting to the sky cus I'm alive
living right from the second I open my eyes
Rise high as a kite cus I stay in flight
first class til we die and there ain't no price
YEAH I'm toasting to the sky cus I'm alive
living right from the second I open my eyes
Rise high as a kite cus I stay in flight
first class til we die....

How did this happen? All I did was take my passions
go for em like a pheine look for smack when he's relapsing
I kicked in those habits focused on this rap shit
now my actions bout to coincide launch me on the atlas
be the last one standing if I have to on this planet
god damn it tryna make it better need to understand that
this worlds a battlefield Are you on my team?
Are you cool with green?
You ain't gotta smoke yo just let me be
bout to spread these wings
Following my dream til I can't breathe and I'm set free
Think I'd feel like a pussy if I packed up to leave
so Imma dig in that pussy til I'm filled to my knees “haha”
here to takeover like Nino at the Carter
heart of my grandfather never seen no one work harder
Imma rap martyr put your profits in my pockets
best chance hide in yo closet, karma making me honest
it's a habit of prophets an gods being exalted
I pray they eluhvate me to the highest here walking
how mandela raised an army I'mma start a freedom party
if they take me out like pac I'll let my rhymes keep speaking for me
Track Name: Million Dollar Dreams
Oh my god it's too good to believe
Waking up everyday and doing my thing
sleighing these beats I'm a warrior king
rare breed set to destroy thieves, get the queen “yaya”
my passport's all ready to go across seas
spreading positive light like mahatma gandhi
all because I took a dream then created
a picture perfect reality like van gogh painted
I got million dollar rhymes most can't afford
so I put it out for free cus I've been there before
and what more? I could take a quarter off the floor
keep doubling up til I've got me a 4-door
I'm a hustler baby what I'm put here for
just trying to show you all that the world is yours
start with the mind state then keep pushing forward
til you ain't settling for nothin less than a grammy award....or at least a world tour

yeah! I always knew this would happen
now that I'm here its too good to imagine
standin slappin hands with rappers used to be fans
Always looking up to them when shit hit the fan
never forget all the times I just had to runaway
letting my brain play off them soundwaves
in the sand by the lake with an old school tape
rocking kurt cobain man wish he stayed
feelin high like a plane when I first heard Blu
like damn that's one soulful dude
why I looked up to him like the king of the school
hand-taught me the rules so I ain't play like a fool
now praying one day I do the same for you
cus I used to look just like the blue man crew
now I'm smiling like snoop or biggie up in the booth
tryna make me a juice---ey track to get huge...and get you loose

How we do it?
We drop the record, push the ads try to calculate the math
what'll take us from the flats to the life we knew we'd have
ain't no easy work gotta hustle your ass
you think that jigga man made it just sitting there relaxed
haha, that made you laugh but face the facts
better chance bein car jacked than making a chart smash
and you can't gopro if you don't master your craft
I'm on that run lap game til I'm a Bolt on the track
See I used to tryta smash jam any snatch
now I'm worried about jams to impress my fans
from the scratch ain't know I wanted it that bad
looking back like really do that?
Yeah it was all in the plan of the man
some can't understand hope I lend you a hand
cus I could quit you punks go back to drugs
But fuck that, I love rap, and I got lives to

That's right that's right we elevated (eluhvated) for life
Track Name: Get Mine
5am waking up to get it done
ya greeting the sun before my teeth brushed
next off the list that peach fuzz
you gonna hate me get deez nutz
take my numb chucks do like ten pumps
acting Arnold Palmer putting teas up
Do a chuck liddel to a wax dunk
with a backflip cus I can son
Going charlie sheen on dat loose leaf
Til I got my dream and a lotta cream
broulie with a little bit of dank
always gonna blaze any track I'm on so behave
if you in my way I am on a train to success
already left but I heard your city's next
you can get wrecked or hang with the blessed..
didn't say best cus they dead, respects

Grinding hard til I get my prize
no end in sight until paradise
Flying high gotta get mine
Ya best believe I'll always get mine
Let the dice fly to the bank line
Going all in with my stack of dimes
don't waste time gotta get mine
Ya best believe I'll always get mine

They say you only got one chance to make it
Well what if that chance was already wasted
you actually saying all this focus and praying
can't change some rules in civilization
That's sad to me you actually
fit inside the box they cast you out to be
like here you can have all these drinks
just make sure you don't follow your dreams
be a burger king before you ever lead
a bunch of human beings in a fight for peace
rather kill geeks in them cyber streets
than change the world before you out this beez
make a tiny piece of what your actually
contributing to that factory
that's not for me, I'm on my own grind
going full time til I get mine
Track Name: Two Peace of Minds
Ah, don't wanna be mad at the past
and I wouldn't be if he would just give you back
thinking I might be close to another relapse
but everything in my veins keeps screaming fuck that
still lonely like my hearts in prison
and if love was a bottle of gin you'd say I'm swimming
missing you digging in the linens of my bed
wanna see your face through my eyes not my head
now I can't even rest without getting upset
that your not cuddled up next to my chest
and yes I miss the sex, frankly it was the best
we had a good thing, 2 birds in a nest
then you had to leap, I held in the stress
see I knew you had to leave, but when you actually left
I was wrecked, like my heart was out of breath
burning up from the fire of regret as I sipped death

[ I just miss our kickbacks
sitting on the clouds at night
sunsetting on my, on my blue eyes
I'm just praying baby, one day we'll find
a way to get back, two piece of minds ]

Damn, like I'm doing this all for you
big part of the dream, I want it to happen to
see I got my team, but I need my boo
just something that we all go through...true
is this a big test to see what I desire
such a thin line feel like I'm walking on wires
Breathe deep, get my answers from the higher
Know he see's me tip toeing not stepping in the fire
still poking those coals tryna get inspired
like a paper and a lighter but no weed inside her
Am I on the holy ghost or is the bible a liar
I know I'm close to God cus I ain't gotta go find him
Here take my rhyming, all over the map
It's clear I gotta run the world to get her back
swear I'd never let go no fuck it not a chance
like me ever accepting the devil for a dance

[ I just miss our kickbacks
sitting on the clouds at night
sunsetting on my, on my blue eyes
I'm just praying baby, one day we'll find
a way to get back, two piece of minds]

like a sunset, love when it happens not when it ends
used to be friends, then another view came through the lens
we fell close, spirtually had a little niche
capturing our energy like fireflys and little kids
Happy to say we never burned eachother's bridge
only kept it positive in the city we lived
straight LA girl, not UCLA girls
still got some hood in her it's that LA world
we did it proper, blunts like big poppa
rooftop bottle poppin with our eyes like rastas
riding that choppa ocean side cus we gots ta
showing me gemstones now I'm speaking the gospel
looking up above at the man responsible
smiling big as I can knowing anythings possible
With faith, fate'll put us in the right place
…...cus she is my soul mate
Track Name: Heart of Makaveli
Bout to flip tables rewriting the manuscript
Heart of Makaveli but I ain't a blood or a crip
Changing up your politics, how the fuck you bitches live
stuck inside a system where failure is what they want in kids
staying in that jail cell minimum wage don't pay bail
you could push a hay bail but they rather see drug sales
living in that matrix, not me I'm taking red pills
every single morning like your zanies and your advils
Way too out the box for my life to be in stand still
Might fuck pandoras box just so I can get a damn thrill
Keep turning that hand wheel rapping for a canned meal
Always looking up at God cus man I know how pain feels
Used to pop pain pills like nothing is forbidden
If he put it here on Earth how could you say that I'm sinning
Why I changed up my livin, driven to make a difference
Actions speaking for themselves but most don't ever listen
like teachers past the point of chasing kids into class
Some people given up their views, kinda sad
if you don't understand these raps don't bother to ask
I wrote this on some shit way doper than hash
Might paint a perfect picture like I'm Basquiat or Van Gogh
Stuck inside reality while your filling up with benzo's
Always on sleep mode, me I'm hitting fast forward
Moving through this life quicker than I got the time for
Wouldn't say I'm hardcore, but fuck it this all war
So many angels and demons, who you gonna fight for?
Pulling out my sword slicing horns off you whores
We all got a halo, most behind close doors
Me I think that's fake, what you really scared to show yours
Rocking mine proudly especially on a world tour
Yelling killuminati cus they want my head torn
but they can't lay a finger I'm walking with the true lord
Got the heart of nelson mandela to set you free
and the spirit of Jesus Christ living in me
I will never give up, this is more than a dream
You can't stop a revolution if the people all agree
I will fight this system every day til I'm winning
Don't care the opposition, I will die for the children
I will march with my people, I will kill all the evil
I will ride for it, die for it, til we're all equal
I ain't white, I ain't black, I ain't nothing in between
I'm a spirtual human being who was blessed to believe
That we can all pass this peace, resurrect a regime
Screaming thug life baby til the fucking death of me
This my destiny, pain and love that's the recipe
Got me close to God now I don't need hennessy
still smoke a bit of weed cus lately it's like the 70's
Somebody call the doctah I think I found you a remedy