The Innermission EP

by eluhvated

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released June 1, 2013



all rights reserved


eluhvated Los Angeles, California

eluhvated. Spend two seconds with the “old soul” and you get one thing, real and true passion for life. One who isn't afraid to tell you what he thinks, his reflection truly shines over soulful instrumentals. Life takes us all on unexpected twists and turns but his whole life is a roller coaster; one he seems more than content being on as he eluhvates the world with his "ashy to classy" story. ... more

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Track Name: Mission Statement
Now this might be the greatest story ever told
Low and behold, a child would be destined for gold
But not rock and stone, more like my heart and soul
Was made to shine bright from the first second I was born
Coulda been killed by my own umbilical chord
I use it as a reminder, time is short for sure
I can't shoot the shit, sit around and get bored
Naw homie, I need to go fucking record
And get my songs in the stores
You'll never get what you want in this world if you don't push for a bit more
Kicked out watching sports and movie awards
Cus I constantly feel like shit if I'm not moving forward
But hey, we choose to make a sacrifice
I'm willing to give up anything if it means finding paradise
“Yup”, it seems like every day got sweeter
Turning into a believer, now I'm god's ultimate receiver
Champion of the track, ain't talking a hundred meters
Used to sit in front of mirrors, now its time to pack arenas
Fighting off my demons, through the words in these speakers
Feel like I'm close to the edge, of hot or catching a fever
Won't settle for anything less, than a centerfold
Cus every time I touch a mic I'm sicker than the common cold
“Woah” it's kinda funny that I'm standing here
Always knew it would happen, but now its finally clear
I was destined to grow and tell a story
Bout rising from the ashes, yeah regaining glory
With a LA state of mind, whole new inventory
A quad of bomb tree, G.O.D., an all the homies
With the ambition to succeed
Running 24 hours straight, and I ain't thinking about sleep
So many visions and dreams, I still need to achieve
Been working all year, tryna build up a strong team
Yeah, I ain't doing this all for me
I wanna bring everyone, like a project X party
Bout to run the world, and I mean everything
Just to take the power out of those that are filled wit greed
Cus really, I'm the only one I trust
Put my hope in others, and they go and fuck it up
But hey, anything is worth learning a lesson
That's why I never trip when shit gets thrown my direction
I laugh it off, cus nothing ever feels better
Like seeing my ex on the street and I act like I never met her “haha”
Had to kick out some dark clouds, to get good weather
Now I'm loving life with everyone, happy we're together
If this my last day, just know I made it to heaven
Don't say rest in peace, I'm in paradise with all the legends
Track Name: Miss ______ Part 1
“Yo roll another one, and another one, and after that shit probably another one... yup”

I swear life feels like a bumpy road
You hit a flat spot then spin out of control
Im about to tell a story thats probably been told
But the message is real, so let this show unfold

There was a girl, shorty had so much soul
So beautiful, only 18 years old
The whole world in front of her just like a globe
She gave it a spin like a kid and watched it go

Her destination: shit that's forgetting the past
So she packed up her bags an spent all of her cash
Moved from a small town, straight to the big city
All the bright lights what girl doesn't think there pretty

From the beginning, said she didn't need a man
Heart broken before, sure didn't need that again
Damn. naw naw man. so this girl made a plan,
Turn a penny to a buck like a castle in the sand “yeah”

Full proof, like the liquor that she used to drank
On christian holidays, now she's hitting double A's
Can't stand to see her whole day go to waste
Somehow those lips still find the bottle anyways

But hey, things were looking up
She found a job at a diner down the street, said it fit like a glove
Wasn't making much, but fuck she had enough
To take care of the power, even gave a buck to a bum “uh”

Perfect, but she got hit on all day
Ain't like what these fools said or the moves they made
Shit finally, one word took the cake
In the middle of work, she slapped this dude in his face

Fired on the spot, wasn't sure what to do
Couldn't pay the rent, so she stopped eating food
When you hit rock bottom, and that pain sinks through
Keep up the fight girl, win, don't lose
Hey yo book that flight, go head and hitch that ride
Do what you gotta do girl to get that prize
Take that chance, go and change your life
And let it be a memory so great that you can't describe

Verse 2:
Kicked to the pavement, ran outta blank checks
Hadn’t made friends yet, she wouldn't just stack debt
Her last breathe, craigslisting her mattress
Looking up above, like why did this happen?

She said fuck it, picked up her cell phone
Hit the contact list, found a dude from awhile ago
Nowhere to go, already went broke
Scared of failure so she couldn't go back home

And so, this guy let her in
With wide open doors, but on one condition
Homegirl, she had to be with him
Knowing damn well that meant she had to sleep with him

Sad for me to say, about all guys are the same
She chose her way, you could say closed her fate
And so...she moved in that same night
Just shows in life, that everybody has a price

A sad seen, the first time she almost cried
Not the type to be a slut, didn't want him inside
Told herself she'd move out in time, closed her eyes
The next morning hated life when she opened em wide

Hey yo book that flight, go head and hitch that ride
do what you gotta do girl, to get that prize
take that chance, that changes your life
and let it be a memory so great that you can't describe

Verse 3:
Woke up, felt like she'd been fucking used
Damn, shorty had to do what she had to
Knew that this could never last, just needed a chance
To get back on her feet, from being flat on her ass

But as time went on..the liquid formed a bond
Best friend to a bottle that only tunes sad songs
Before long, pills started falling down
Smoother than the liquor, cant feel anything now

She sat back like wow...and faded out
Lost in a dark world and she cant get out
Opens her mouth to scream but nothing ever comes out
This woman's name is hip hop, that's who I'm talking about....
Track Name: Finally Moving
I had a good feeling when I woke up today
Like suddenly everything in my life changed
Not like Obama in 08, I’m talking about a present state
Where I ain’t even stressing out, cus man I’m doing great
Feeling better than Ice Cube, more flavor than Thai food
I’m in more than a good mood, but ain’t munchin on mushrooms
Treating life like a cartoon, or Erykah Badu
I’m just trying to play it cool by the pool with my new boo
Never went to school, could never be new school
Still getting with the new, just ain’t touching no tofu
Smoking that voodoo, got me high as a Hindu
Til the day that I die man, it’s “Buy us, fuck you”
I’m just a crazy ass kid, with a crazy ass gift
To play words like girls, who’s the player, who’s the pimp?
I got the alphabet, hung up like she’s my chick
Cus I keep playing with her clit, and I won’t quit

Forgive and forget, this life’s a fast trip
We just watch the world spin, like time was on skip
Still I don’t get, why we think life is a bitch
I’m just trying to soak it in, cus when it goes blank, that’s it

Ok hold up quick, pause, reflect
Is this the same mc, talk, inspect
Naw it couldn’t be cus he’s killing it to death
Master of the doppler effecting the tape deck
About to come up, like I’m banking off a blank check
Can’t really say that I’m rich, but at least I ain’t in debt
The fact I stay fed and pay rent, fills me with greatness
I can’t find the word, so I’ll let my girl explain this

Sunshine and long nights, full moons and pretty lights
It’s the city life, but it’s the side I really like
Cold beers, good times, at least were doing it right
Celebrating every night, cus life’s too short to fuss and fight
I’m sick of holding grudges with my brother
Why can’t we just relax, and be cool with one another
I’m starting to get a sense of the picture I’m destined to see
But how you supposed to paint a Van Gogh, when your running outta ink?
I’m on the brink, of shaking off, all this hate in a blink
And turning it, into love, yes, baby I do believe
That a certain part inside of us, needs to be free
Don’t put strings on my destiny, let me be me
I’m at a point in my life, where I need room to breathe
And I’m starting to notice things, like the wind in the trees
Euphoria, but lately there’s no E
I’m just finally moving reality, next to my dreams

Forgive and forget, this life’s a fast trip
We just watch the world spin, like time was on skip
Still I don’t get, why we think life is a bitch
I’m just trying to soak it in, cus when it goes blank, that’s it

You can achieve anything in this world,
If you just take that feeling and run with it
Don’t look back, just keep moving,
No matter what gets you down
Just find that inner light, and force a smile
Cus life goes on, whether your ahead of the game or not….
Track Name: Sky Blue
Verse 1:
Blue light an sunshine, that's a special place of mine
I like to dig inside my mind, just to see what I find
Cus I know there’s a light, so bright it’ll blind
all the darkness in your sight, when the sun falls over the skyline
feel good when I close my eyes, ya I’m living life right
Eluhvated all the time, but it ain’t off no dry pipe
get my insight from the most high, that’s no lie
still be living in hell, but I made it my paradise “ha”
feeling amazing, so good I can’t find the word
Seen his work in first person, now I know what were worth
Since birth, we're diamonds, shining like the sun
I used to be someone’s son, now thinking about my own one
Used to have an old girl, now she’s the past
Used to have bad times, but now life’s a blast
I fucking wake up an can't believe what I have
cus I’ve been on the other side, and I’m just glad that I made it back, like damn

Verse 2:
don’t stress its all good, nowadays I’m feeling cool
I've got a light in my mind and a boat in my pool
living at the sickest school, every day feelin brand new
cus I got a point of view, that only few can really say they do
I meditate to stay in tune, and medicate like my name was snoop
when I lay that pipe, I hit it right, cus everytime, she be saying “woot woot”
my inner soul is painted blue
like the sky above when the winds come thru “so smooth”
You can tell I love life, by the way I live mine
got a bar full of drinks, best weed all the time
chillin in the illest city, where the angels are always high
shorty's always fly, and the beach is always nice
still I sit back sometimes, straight mesmorized
cus now at this time, I can't believe I'm alive
I swear I saw my life flash right in front of my eyes
on that mountain road, when we lost control, I don't know how I didn't die

Verse 3:
The light in my soul is brighter than the luxor
So it ain’t no surprise that when I spit, the people want more
I’m transferring my energy, trying to kick start your destiny
Cus we’re all walking on the same path, just separate sets of feet
and soon we’ll all be, in the same place, at the same time
Electric daisy carnival status, we’re going all night
I'm having a great time, living this great life
treating life like my bitch and eating her insides like wine “haha”
it only took me 20 years to see miracles are in front of you
I'm living proof, just from all the bad shit that I went through
but don't trip fool, cus I'm happy, actually
it all put me on the right path, with no strings attached
I learned to stop searching for dreams when you can make your's come true
that instead of polluting your world, you can make it beautiful
so stop trying to fight your pain people, make it apart of you
and let your whole world shine blue, the exact way that I do
Track Name: Gold & Yellow (Bonus Track)
Hey yo this one's for all you dabbers out there
Ey yo wiz man, I'll show you how we get high off that

Yeah, uhuh come get high with me
Matter fact eluhvate, and come fly with me
I'm getting high off this gold, pure T.H.C.
Only smoke the finest strain, O.G.

Yaaaa, got my head up in the clouds
(Silenced Bar)
I love my herb, but I'm only smoke hash now
(Silenced Bar)

Verse 1:

I'm just chillin sitting back, smoking on OG wax
Taking dab after dab, til I'm laid out on my back
Staying lit with this torch, looks like I be smoking crack
But fuck that I'm only hitting my titanium pad
Yup, or getting super stoned off my oil globe
Put that dab on the nail and take it the fucking dome
Yo, I gotta give a shoutout to B.H.O.
Vector butane, cloud vapes, and health stone
And no I won't forget to rep Sovereignty Glass
Wack glass imitators, you can kiss my ass
I'm getting ripped, off all these different types of hash
I've got my rig on deck and my chick in the back, WHAT?

Yeah, uhuh come get high with me
Matter fact eluhvate, and come fly with me
I'm getting high off this gold, pure T.H.C.
Only smoke the finest strain, O.G.

Yaaaa, got my head up in the clouds
(Gold & Yellow 4X)
I love my herb, but I'm only smoke hash now
(Gold & Yellow 4X)

Verse 2:

Every day I wake up, it’s a daily routine
My girl freaks when I hop out the sheets like bruce lee
Reaching straight for that medical bottle, in front of me
Or this OG in my dish that was blown by J lee
The budder that I got man is purged perfectly
I whipped it for hours, even added some heat
Don’t think that this is crack, cus I only smoke weed
Butane hash, the new habit on the street

[Chorus/Hook Repeat]

Verse 3:

Way higher than a plane, more fucked up than your face
I must be an astronaut cus I’m smoking out in space
I’ve got so many names, so many strains
All in front of me got new flavors to taste
Strapped with a 215 so it’s always time to medicate
On the dankest concentrates, yeah this the golden state
Born and raised in CA, stereo playing Dr. Dre
Smoking grams to the face, getting high all day “off that”

(Gold & Yellow, Gold & Yellow, Gold & Yellow, Gold & Yellow)