Eluh's Commandments

from by eluhvated

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I see it everyday, people talking about how positive I am, how I'm always looking at the best of things, I must not hate anything right? Your wrong, one thing I do hate is people who sit on their asses complaining about their problems rather than going out and actually changing them. “Oh these pills aren't working how I want” Why don't you battle your demons without that shit, why do you need it? some people are just too lazy to make a change and that's why they'll always be where they are...but not me, fuck that not me....

You really wanna live like eluh? well listen up
Lotta shit in this world gonna try and get there cut
Beat ya body up, then confuse it with fun
If you stick to these steps though success will come
Number one, gotta wake up to greet the sun
So first things first, night before we can't get drunk
“Naw naw” switch agua for the bad stuff
I never found luck with my face stuck in a bath tub
Time becomes slim to none with number 2
That body is a temple, only give it good food
Gotta workout too, yes get it in tune
Up & down lil mama, something like the bedroom
Rule 3, can't see it, but believe it
I stay tight with the one's who daily fight off your demons
All right with the light, so yeah I let it free
Let it breathe all around me, drown me in energy
Best way is doing yoga or playing out in the sea
Cus then I'm effectively knocking out both 2 & 3
leaving myself, mo' time to make mo' green
Which to a hustle-ah means everything in the grand scheme
number four, only keep the good close
from circles tying smoke, to yo' business folk
if you stay true and pure, never cheat no soul
with the law of attraction, great things will unfold
Now number 5, literally your 9 to 5
Have something on the side just case things take a dive
I hated minimum wage life, but I survived
and I wouldn't take it back cus I'm inspired by those bad times
Lets hit the 6, oh you think your ready kid
to be juggling ten lists, not get lost in the mix
some peeps in venice beach, see they multi-flask
but you won't make it til you multi-task to your collapse
I'm pushing my ass past, points any other can match
just patiently waiting, til the people gimme a chance
big plans to you teach lessons, fore I'm out this bitch
this ain't no cry to your parents, live in they basement shit
still I'm tryna make it easier than what I dealt with
speaking of which, number 7, that's don't be selfish
Go on get off the couch bitch go make a difference
If you ain't helping nobody, why the fuck you livin?
“Oh woah”, Numero ocho, don't be content
at least envision a dream, of a place you tryna get
I wake up every day, paint that picture in my head
only thing left, you guessed it, fulfilling the quest “YES”
number 9, stop waiting in line sonny
beating yo dick like it owes you money, “go find that honey”
I'm talking to everyone, stop waiting for love
I found mine in a drum, guess the body's for some
number ten, my fam know about this last one
ah yeah, go on and spark that fat blunt
lay back with the boo, sip dat red rum
but all in moderation, so tomorrow can be a re-run
...so tomorrow can be a re-run
wake up and just be happy you can see the sun
yuh, that's exactly how it's done
a bit of mathematics behind the eluhvated one

“that boy eluh he's an animal” (scratched up)
“naw naw naw naw, heard he was an alien”
“you say an alien?”
“yeah a mother fucking alien, sent from above to stop all of this craziness”
…...”Well whatever he is...we're in his kingdom now”


from The Old Soul EP, released September 10, 2015



all rights reserved


eluhvated Los Angeles, California

eluhvated. Spend two seconds with the “old soul” and you get one thing, real and true passion for life. One who isn't afraid to tell you what he thinks, his reflection truly shines over soulful instrumentals. Life takes us all on unexpected twists and turns but his whole life is a roller coaster; one he seems more than content being on as he eluhvates the world with his "ashy to classy" story. ... more

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