American Dream

from by eluhvated

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Verse 1:
Growing up, swear I always had the dream
Being the one with cream, in the flyest magazines
Listened to jay z, can't say he raised me
But certainly schooled me to the game I was playing
I remember partaking, in eighth slanging daily
Saying fuck you pay me, before I was even eighteen
My young soul going gung ho
Almost said go grow and moved my ass up to Humboldt
Somehow stumbled on this lake in a jungle
And I fell at home, even though I still struggled
I was still trapped in the puzzle
Destined to make it out tho like a bullet from the muzzle
Only increased my muscle, take a stack go double
Thank the lord everyday, I never got in much trouble
Still thankful, cus he blessed me with this hustle
Treat my lyrics like the drugs, I used to have to smuggle
Mother fucker you not ready, for me to be uncovered
Get your last bit of fame now, once I'm up your under
I've adjusted lessons learned, an aimed em at destruction
Of anyone who tries to smudge a bit of my production
Cus I ain't putting substance in a sack, no more
Now I'm banging percussions, tryna get on tour
I got a whole team to support....
And I'm tired of being forced to sit my ass up in a court

Why I'm going for, one thing I know's for sure
Hard work and dedication, reap the greatest rewards
Full force, go all like my mentors
Still remember Nasty Nas saying, “The world is yours.”
And at the time,”Ahh” I just couldn't see
But now looking back,”Damn” I can hardly believe
I swear in the end,”Man” it felt like a dream
Cus I made it through hell,”Yeah” now I'm as bright as can be

Verse 2:
Going from the lowest of low I seen a man get
Demons trapped in my head, out on a park bench
No job, can't pay rent, stayin wit friends
But the pass went dead, then me and the stars slept
Kinda crazy, I made it in the end
Let alone left with a gift to hold the strongest upperhand
On my opposition....
Any smidgin of resistance leads to full blown demolition “No bullshittin”
All or Pac's ambition
Add my super dank cali rhymes, it's prohibition
Try to stop me, but these kids'll still listen
Cus I'm like walter white, got something that your missin
Probably call me white kendrick, in a few years I bet, it
Should be real obvious now, there's no stopping my message
Just pressing hit records, til Eluh's for sure mentioned
Every top 10 list, each continent, no question
Unstoppable work ethics, mixed with life lessons
So unreal....I should be dead or in heaven
The way I literally, beheaded the competition
Similar to-a guitar in the hands of Jimi Hendrix
Real talk, fuck off, this machine don't stop
24 hour time clock, til the money's in my drop
It's you against them, no punch in, all commission,
Gotta learn the game first, before you know who's winning

[Hook Repeat]
[Chorus Repeat]

Verse 3:
I probly look like some damn bait “haha”
Swimming in a shark tank, still rocking a happy face
Forewarned, tho don't take me as some easy cake
Cost an arm and a leg, for my royalty rate
And don't even think 'bout touching my publishing
This is my story, my life, and my dreams
I can read energy, if it's greed nothing free
But still give to those in need like my grandpa taught me
Yeah….and though it took a few years
Looking back it brings tears, that I even made it here
With a karma free mind, an eric thomas grind
Old soul but a young face, sure to make a nice surprise
In this world I'm like ghandi mixed with jesus christ
See my dreams, go for it til I fucking die


from The Old Soul EP, released September 10, 2015



all rights reserved


eluhvated Los Angeles, California

eluhvated. Spend two seconds with the “old soul” and you get one thing, real and true passion for life. One who isn't afraid to tell you what he thinks, his reflection truly shines over soulful instrumentals. Life takes us all on unexpected twists and turns but his whole life is a roller coaster; one he seems more than content being on as he eluhvates the world with his "ashy to classy" story. ... more

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