The Old Soul EP

by eluhvated

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released September 10, 2015

Productions by Tantu Beats



all rights reserved


eluhvated Los Angeles, California

eluhvated. Spend two seconds with the “old soul” and you get one thing, real and true passion for life. One who isn't afraid to tell you what he thinks, his reflection truly shines over soulful instrumentals. Life takes us all on unexpected twists and turns but his whole life is a roller coaster; one he seems more than content being on as he eluhvates the world with his "ashy to classy" story. ... more

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Track Name: American Dream
Verse 1:
Growing up, swear I always had the dream
Being the one with cream, in the flyest magazines
Listened to jay z, can't say he raised me
But certainly schooled me to the game I was playing
I remember partaking, in eighth slanging daily
Saying fuck you pay me, before I was even eighteen
My young soul going gung ho
Almost said go grow and moved my ass up to Humboldt
Somehow stumbled on this lake in a jungle
And I fell at home, even though I still struggled
I was still trapped in the puzzle
Destined to make it out tho like a bullet from the muzzle
Only increased my muscle, take a stack go double
Thank the lord everyday, I never got in much trouble
Still thankful, cus he blessed me with this hustle
Treat my lyrics like the drugs, I used to have to smuggle
Mother fucker you not ready, for me to be uncovered
Get your last bit of fame now, once I'm up your under
I've adjusted lessons learned, an aimed em at destruction
Of anyone who tries to smudge a bit of my production
Cus I ain't putting substance in a sack, no more
Now I'm banging percussions, tryna get on tour
I got a whole team to support....
And I'm tired of being forced to sit my ass up in a court

Why I'm going for, one thing I know's for sure
Hard work and dedication, reap the greatest rewards
Full force, go all like my mentors
Still remember Nasty Nas saying, “The world is yours.”
And at the time,”Ahh” I just couldn't see
But now looking back,”Damn” I can hardly believe
I swear in the end,”Man” it felt like a dream
Cus I made it through hell,”Yeah” now I'm as bright as can be

Verse 2:
Going from the lowest of low I seen a man get
Demons trapped in my head, out on a park bench
No job, can't pay rent, stayin wit friends
But the pass went dead, then me and the stars slept
Kinda crazy, I made it in the end
Let alone left with a gift to hold the strongest upperhand
On my opposition....
Any smidgin of resistance leads to full blown demolition “No bullshittin”
All or Pac's ambition
Add my super dank cali rhymes, it's prohibition
Try to stop me, but these kids'll still listen
Cus I'm like walter white, got something that your missin
Probably call me white kendrick, in a few years I bet, it
Should be real obvious now, there's no stopping my message
Just pressing hit records, til Eluh's for sure mentioned
Every top 10 list, each continent, no question
Unstoppable work ethics, mixed with life lessons
So unreal....I should be dead or in heaven
The way I literally, beheaded the competition
Similar to-a guitar in the hands of Jimi Hendrix
Real talk, fuck off, this machine don't stop
24 hour time clock, til the money's in my drop
It's you against them, no punch in, all commission,
Gotta learn the game first, before you know who's winning

[Hook Repeat]
[Chorus Repeat]

Verse 3:
I probly look like some damn bait “haha”
Swimming in a shark tank, still rocking a happy face
Forewarned, tho don't take me as some easy cake
Cost an arm and a leg, for my royalty rate
And don't even think 'bout touching my publishing
This is my story, my life, and my dreams
I can read energy, if it's greed nothing free
But still give to those in need like my grandpa taught me
Yeah….and though it took a few years
Looking back it brings tears, that I even made it here
With a karma free mind, an eric thomas grind
Old soul but a young face, sure to make a nice surprise
In this world I'm like ghandi mixed with jesus christ
See my dreams, go for it til I fucking die
Track Name: This World (#RIPTrayvon)
Verse 1:
This world, I'm tryna treat her like a girl
Always make her shine like diamonds and pearls
Never make her cry, like B.P. oil spills
Or force her to shave her bush, forestry don't kill
I know theres a few who feel how I feel
Seen that mother nature is the baby maker of sex appeal
Jungles in brazil, to islands unreal
I can't help but stare, cus damn it's all there
No words compare, no way to concur,
If you've gone for the search, tried to tackle the earth
Think this girls here to flirt, til you wrap round her curves
And come to find out, that her body's at its worst
All cus of these jerks, who put money first
Save a penny right now, don't care who they hurt
As the world suffers, they just run from the truth
Acting like some fucking kids, I did that shit in my youth....“ya'll should grow up”

Verse 2:
Man, this world kinda got me tripping
Last week I heard a story about some blatant racism
Kid named Trayvon died, white man pulled the trigger
Somehow he got off, white jurors, go figure
And I only know, if that happened in my city
I woulda packed my bags and got the fuck out quickly
Cus even though I spread peace an love like a hippie
Sadly for my skin, thats just not in my history
Go back to 43, zoot suit'as on the scene
Not starting trouble, just weren't giving nothing free
But those white servicemen, who look the same as me
Felt like they were kings, men picking on teens
Left a riot in these streets, thank god no one died
Sadly can't say the same for 1965
Losing 34 lives, over a D.U.I.
And racial injustice we'd see get worse in time

Verse 3:
Ah damn everybody's got there fix
Walking through this world, seems we all need a lift
Can I get a bit, can you give a hit of this
All I need is a sip, get me thru this current ditch
Like everywhere I turn, I can't escape this shit
Cigarettes filled with death, hard liquor by the fifth
And then your fridge is fulla energy for your kids
Guess thats just how this system wants us to live
Try to play it off so they prescribing it medically
Adderal, Ritalin, legal amphetamines
Gots me wondering who's the chef behind this recipe?
Making these teens think codeine is a necessity
No dissin weezy, we all need self relief
But I ain't tryna add another piece to this insanity
Why I home-grow trees, eat foods organically
And only leave my actions, not my trash in this masterpiece
Track Name: Master Pain
“ok, they keep telling me eluh go hard!”
Verse 1:
Haha, if pain is the game
I done mastered it, like shaolin wu tang
had my heart broken twice, still that feel that pain
I don't feel no rain though, cus things done changed

I went from the hustling and slang of purple haze
that only put me on the streets, training day
got back to a center place, running at a pleasant pace
coulda had a better face, on the cards I held but hey it's ok

cus now I'm living down the block
from West Bel Air gates, where you don't need a glock
still LA tho, so your always on the watch
cus you heard about them fools that rushed up 2pac

and I gotta say rest in peace, BIG and nate dogg
still feel that old school funky vibe you left off
why every blunt I smoke, I'm toasting to you gods
you got me through the pain when I almost blew my fuckin brain

[Quote Chorus]

Verse 2:
Damn, getting that feeling looking back
thinking “is karma ever gonna catch for me that?”
hope I don't get jammed in a wrap
why I'm staying clean as I can, besides taking some dabs

yeah, you could say I've learned as a man
that some fights are served better off without hands
but still I gotta stand up, to the devil on the daily
always tryna drown my creating, with a bottle of bailies

or throwing me some ladies,
thinking I'm dumb enough, to not pack my own protection, are you crazy?
I was prep'in for this war, way before my present life
knowing closer to the light I'd get the harder dark would try

now I'm thinking bout them tribes overseas who are dieing
or the kids in China working hourly for a dime
I realize my place in time is getting hype from rhymes
and after that it's on bitch, Imma start saving some lives
Track Name: L.E.T.T.E.R.S.
Damn mom kinda crazy what your boy did
I always told you I would be big
Little scrawny but feel like I'm 9'10”
Walking around knowing I proved em all wrong in the end
Haha and I'll never forget
When you kicked me out the house dropped me off at some steps
Then you left so I learned all about paying rent
How to support myself with no help from friends
Pretty wild I can look at that say thank you
Now every second alive I feel grateful
Seen that golden spoon be the ultimate doom
Like high school being cool hit college then your the fool
Still sorry for all that I put you through
Shifty report cards never really tried in school
Followed my dream tho look where it took me to
And yeah I stay high but this is my life
Momma look at all of this
I made friends with the universe then started reaping its benefits
Holy shit now we feasting on entire pigs
Out their in Hanalei where the mermaids live
That's a joke cus you raised me to grow up quick
Never hid shit like the tooth fairy doesn't exist
Here's the buck kid and you better thank me
Instead of st. nick for the presents under that tree “ooohh weee”

[I fucking love you mom, for real, you did the best you could tryna raise a man, and I know it]

- Instrumental break -

Damn D 4 years of you out the scene
Don't think you lost that spot on the team
When you out got some presidential OG
Imma smoke your face off til you Chinese
Then we'll hit Roscoes yeah and order anything
Fuck it I mean everything ah pour up the hennessy
After festivities we got work dude
I need a hype-man on stage pumping up the crew
Probly popping brews as I do what I do
Or rolling up the doobs for fans to get loose
It's the life of papoose, you down? “Well” shit cool
Lets live just like we always dreamed fool
This time stay ahead of them punk police
Fuck a 5 year term on some neighborhood beef
It's the life of the streets don't care where you be
We grew up in suburbia but hell's what I've seen
Don't judge a book til you pick it up to read
No resume can ever predict the work inside the bee
So even though your record ain't clean I'll let it be
You my motha fucking homie til we all rest in peace
Until that day of reckoning ain't no fighting destiny
Just those who try to learn or those who crash & burn
Why I pray for all our sake's you don't deserve
Another second in hell cus I know you've felt the hurt and that's the worst

[but I know your staying strong in there, keep doing them push ups homie! Haha, I know you liked that one]
Track Name: Eluh's Commandments
I see it everyday, people talking about how positive I am, how I'm always looking at the best of things, I must not hate anything right? Your wrong, one thing I do hate is people who sit on their asses complaining about their problems rather than going out and actually changing them. “Oh these pills aren't working how I want” Why don't you battle your demons without that shit, why do you need it? some people are just too lazy to make a change and that's why they'll always be where they are...but not me, fuck that not me....

You really wanna live like eluh? well listen up
Lotta shit in this world gonna try and get there cut
Beat ya body up, then confuse it with fun
If you stick to these steps though success will come
Number one, gotta wake up to greet the sun
So first things first, night before we can't get drunk
“Naw naw” switch agua for the bad stuff
I never found luck with my face stuck in a bath tub
Time becomes slim to none with number 2
That body is a temple, only give it good food
Gotta workout too, yes get it in tune
Up & down lil mama, something like the bedroom
Rule 3, can't see it, but believe it
I stay tight with the one's who daily fight off your demons
All right with the light, so yeah I let it free
Let it breathe all around me, drown me in energy
Best way is doing yoga or playing out in the sea
Cus then I'm effectively knocking out both 2 & 3
leaving myself, mo' time to make mo' green
Which to a hustle-ah means everything in the grand scheme
number four, only keep the good close
from circles tying smoke, to yo' business folk
if you stay true and pure, never cheat no soul
with the law of attraction, great things will unfold
Now number 5, literally your 9 to 5
Have something on the side just case things take a dive
I hated minimum wage life, but I survived
and I wouldn't take it back cus I'm inspired by those bad times
Lets hit the 6, oh you think your ready kid
to be juggling ten lists, not get lost in the mix
some peeps in venice beach, see they multi-flask
but you won't make it til you multi-task to your collapse
I'm pushing my ass past, points any other can match
just patiently waiting, til the people gimme a chance
big plans to you teach lessons, fore I'm out this bitch
this ain't no cry to your parents, live in they basement shit
still I'm tryna make it easier than what I dealt with
speaking of which, number 7, that's don't be selfish
Go on get off the couch bitch go make a difference
If you ain't helping nobody, why the fuck you livin?
“Oh woah”, Numero ocho, don't be content
at least envision a dream, of a place you tryna get
I wake up every day, paint that picture in my head
only thing left, you guessed it, fulfilling the quest “YES”
number 9, stop waiting in line sonny
beating yo dick like it owes you money, “go find that honey”
I'm talking to everyone, stop waiting for love
I found mine in a drum, guess the body's for some
number ten, my fam know about this last one
ah yeah, go on and spark that fat blunt
lay back with the boo, sip dat red rum
but all in moderation, so tomorrow can be a re-run tomorrow can be a re-run
wake up and just be happy you can see the sun
yuh, that's exactly how it's done
a bit of mathematics behind the eluhvated one

“that boy eluh he's an animal” (scratched up)
“naw naw naw naw, heard he was an alien”
“you say an alien?”
“yeah a mother fucking alien, sent from above to stop all of this craziness”
…...”Well whatever he is...we're in his kingdom now”
Track Name: Last Day of Summer
Verse 1:
Damn, it's the last day of summer
Know it sounds like a bummer but lets take the mood upper
Like cruising in a hummer to some spot in the jungle
Where I can just fuck and smoke drugs with my lover
Or P.C.H. dipping, with some fine ass women
Drop top rolled down, Cali funk in the system
Ain't no dream, no it's the life that I'm livin
Place I'll never leave cus I always feel different
When that sun shines in my eyes, I'm high
On cloud 9.. wake me up when the day dies “uh huh”
Or wake me up when these butterflys wanna hit the sky
Cus I could be that light that shows them to paradise
Not through a place you find, but your current state of mind
Just call my girl Lucy, have her hop on your spine”haha”
Now that the lessons learned, lets just chill and rewind
Take a sip of that smoke, and toast to the good times..because

Verse 2:
Alright....if this the last day I wanna spend it in a hammock
But no time for napping, girl lets make some magic
Then proceed to dabbing, of the dankest waxes
Off my balcony, feel like I overlook the planet
Things just eluhvated to a high never imagined
But neither was weed legalized, then look what happened
Some can't believe, but me I understand it
If you've never seen hell you probably take life for granted
But not me.... no no not me
Rising up every day I thank G-O-D
Another breath of life that I get to breathe
Another beautiful day to go fulfill my dream
I wake up and scream, happy I can see
Sunshine in my eyes, shorty in my sheets
Gots me grinning my teeth, like ole dirty b
Im coming up the same way, food stamps to your tv screen

Verse 3:
Aw Summer, Summer used to be my lover
Now she's saying peace out, and she's changing her number
Gots me looking flustered, cus I live off her sunshine
Still thinking bout the bike rides around the 4th of july
And all those times we got high, on the mountains we'd climb
In Lake Tahoe, felt like I's touching the sky
Fast forward to the (mali)bu, where we prefer to joy ride
Acting like the summertime is some fine dine wine
Gotta treat the beach good if you wanna get inside
I love those warm nights that end with bon fires
BBQ food, the whole team got Long Islands
Ain't taking sips for nothing, naw we all slug em
Raise our glass to the vitamin D we all need
How the fuck you gonna just leave?
I wanna chill on the beach, rock board-shorts all week
But you say its time to go, and I'd never even think
Of tryna stop you, cus I know that's impossible
Your way too stubborn, know you got that from your mother
I guess there's nothing left than to watch you set
And reminisce bout them dope ass times I can't forget
Track Name: Victory Lap (Outro)
ah man, this, this is pretty incredible
we already made it to the end of the tape and...
I don't even feel like I gotta rap anymore,
like, I already made it through hell and came out alive
what more do I gotta do right\?

Ya know this is kinda like my victory lap

So I'm just gonna sit back, relax, and take a few dabs

nod my head out to the beat,
Track Name: B.etter (Bonus Track)
Verse 1:
What the fuck can I say to you?
I honestly thought one day I'd marry you
Was it love or lust that made us gain this trust
Throw our hearts to the pits, and call it barbeque
Or fucking therapy abuse
The way we'd fight and fuss just to fuck like the angry youth
Kinda got used to it to, both acting like fools
Bent up on pride, get in a fight, just to hit redo
And I was never scared of other guys
Only scared of little lies turning our paradise back into an endless fight
Asking myself is this fucking right?
We can't let the other grab the light?
Would rather be there together or never, that ain't sacrifice
It's pure selfishness, and I could see it in my own eyes
Nothing we can change, just wish we could go back in time
To 1999 when I could barely find a line to rhyme
Elementary school days, passing by you in the hallways
If only I knew to hold onto you always,
Now all day, I know you'll let this song play
And think back, way back, to find that happy place
Where we'd hang on those monkey bars like apes
Now we're both grown monkey's, gotta act our age
Yet we still can't look each other in the face
Always think the other's hiding something, oh these mind games

[Beat Break 1]
We've both got issues from being with others
And watched both our mothers lose out on their lovers
So it kinda makes sense to me...
That our pure energies would want to intervene
But tradgically wasn't meant to be..forever
Why I'm currently using this song like a letter
To get myself out the bad weather,
But at the same time you'd think that'd make us fall back together

Verse 2:
I could never tell you why or how this all happened
But I could paint a good picture, if you would just imagine
Two opposites attracting, shy girl with a rapper
Like kobe and shaq tho both wanna be headmaster
Now we could have made it all ok with no disaster
But our selfishness, and other factors couldn't find the answers
To the questions, like are we destined?
Or is our history a lesson?
To never try to get more out of life when it presents it
Yeah I'm getting older now, and I'm starting to see the message
I just wanna be the one still standing at the ending
Which is why at this present, I'm letting out all my stresses
Taking notes from Hendrix, how to redefine my methods
And not let my head get burdened down with this depression
You could say I took the darkest of pictures and made it bright
I'd say it all came from heart break, but it's ight
If every single fight brought me to this present light
Then it was worth it to me, though still doesn't feel right
You were my Bonnie... I was your Clyde
We were supposed to ride out til we mother fucking died
Why I can't understand this was all in the plan
But I know that I'm a better man...
So instead of looking back at what we coulda had
I'll just be the one there when you need a helping hand

[Beat Break 2]
Like damn, I still want the best for you
Somehow it's hard to get that message through
...cus I heard your with some other dude
If you are and your happy, then I'm happy too
You'll always have my heart, you do
1/3 of this big bright light, for you to hold onto
Til the day that I fall flat my boo
You were the realest girl in my life, that fact is true

Verse 3:
But I know that you're already half a world gone
Cus when I tried to make right, you couldn't even respond
And yes I saw, exactly what was going on
You couldn't bare to see me, cus I'm just what you want
Like damn, I know that's a sad fact
But this is a sad track, feel like my hearts been smashed
Cracked into 3 pieces, 2 I ain't getting back
Only one love left, but fuck it I'll live with that
Because love is a drug and I relapsed...
Matter of fact I crashed back onto that endless path
Tryna find a new match to cover up the past
And bandage up my scars with good times and laughs
Which is why girl you gotta understand
That I know that I'm a better man..
So with my one last chance to make this message clear
I don't love you anymore, but keep my heart as your souvenier
…yeah keep my heart as your souvenier
hold it tight and I'm always here
Track Name: Dice of Life (Bonus Track)
[Sample] "Nobody saw the dream but me"

Damn, it's kinda funny how people change
Our thoughts and actions never match up the same
Your brain wants to go straight out the starting gate
Other people saying “Stop you already missed the train”
Yeah.. I know that you want the fame
Roll the dice of life, be careful it's a crazy game
How you play? Ya karma she's a scary dame
I had to make mistakes to get this smile on my face
And one thing I'll never take back
Staying on my grind even through my relapse
Everything I've had, I owe to my fans
So I'm blowing out this smoke for you, second hand drag
Yeah, I've got a plan to make it rich
But just so I can wake up every day and spit
That's all I really want, keep the other shit
Just bring a pillow to the studio cus I ain't leaving it

NO! I'm fresh up on my grind
Get the hell out my way, I'm tryna get signed
Ain't looking for a party, my eyes on the prize
I'll relax when the world is mine
Said I'll relax when the world is mine
There's too many people who tryna take my shine
I swear I gotta go twice as hard, hit redline
Stay on my hustle til the day I die

Interlude: Hey yo just keep following your goals..

[Sample] “Roll the dice of life, be careful it's a crazy game”

I always heard “slow down”, so I hit light speed
Grinding every night, just like a pipe dream
Had a vision in my mind, made it reality
Say I van gogh'd the world, that was my strategy
Damn, looking back its amazing
21 years, my dream ain't never changing
Yeah I write lyrics, but feel like I'm finger painting
Changed a blank canvas to art from imagination
I kept going, nobody saw the dream but me
ain't no surprise, that's how it was supposed to be
I had to realize more than a few things
Like in life, what you give is what you receive
So here take it all, my money and my dream
My mother fucking rhymes that are unique to me
Take my heart, my soul, my 2 cents of gold
You can have everything, and I'm still gone flow
YES! I'm fresh up on my grind
Get the hell out my way, I'm tryna get signed
Ain't looking for a party, my eyes on the prize
I'll relax when the world is mine
Said I'll relax when the world is mine
There's too many people who tryna take my shine
I swear I gotta go twice as hard, hit redline
Stay on my hustle til the day I die

[Various cut sample outro] "Roll the dice of life, be careful it's a crazy game"